We bring together all those involved in the planning and authorisation of nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs) in the UK, focusing on projects in the areas of energy, transport, water, waste and waste water.

Our members are diverse and include the leading promoters and practitioners in relation to UK infrastructure planning, as well as those stakeholders who engage in the process.

We build relationships between the public, private and voluntary sectors, actively contribute to ongoing policy discussion and formulation and develop and champion best practice.

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Are you a member?

By joining NIPA you are demonstrating a significant interest in and a firm commitment to learning more about the effective planning and authorisation of infrastructure projects, and proactively contributing to continuous improvements. Eligibility for membership involves demonstrating a professional or personal interest in the planning and authorisation of major infrastructure projects.


The many benefits of NIPA membership

  • The ability to contribute to the discussion on improving the NSIP regime
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to best practice material
  • A mentoring programme
  • Round table discussions on current issues
  • NIPA Matters, and other useful updates