July 31, 2020

As part of our on-going commitment to provide member insights to the Government and the Planning Inspectorate, to continuously improve the way we plan for and consent infrastructure, we are pleased to provide you with a copy of our latest paper on current issues for infrastructure planning.


This paper is based on a survey of Members, followed up by two excellent discussions at our ‘NIPA Matters’ webinar and the most recent NIPA Council meeting. It builds on our previous ‘COIVD-19’ paper that supporte a quick transition to virtual working within the limits of public health guidance, and which we consider has made a significant contribution to practice already.


We would like to thank you for your contribution to this paper which provides the Government and the Inspectorate with nine recommendations, focused on addressing National Policy Statement issues, wider improvements to the NSIPs regime, and ways to harness the potential of digital working as part of a fair process.


Our paper comes at a key time for infrastructure and the planning system more broadly, with the Government’s promised Planning Policy Reform Paper due out early next week now (Whitehall has stretched July beyond
the 31st this year). We anticipate there will be opportunities and challenges for Members as the Government looks in particular to respond to the damage done by the pandemic, tackle climate change and prepare for the end of the transition period and our exit from the European Union.


We hope our papers demonstrate that NIPA is able to play a significant role in shaping these responses, drawing directly from your and other Members’ expertise and experience. Our newsletters outline ways in which
you can get involved and make the most of your membership, with our latest newsletter coming out very shortly, and we encourage you to get involved in NIPA activities.


In the meantime, we hope you will find this latest paper (in the download below) a valuable read.