New NIPA Website

May 30, 2016

We are pleased to be launching the new NIPA website. Over the last few years, our website has served us well, presenting a simple, effective message about NIPA, our purpose and our activities. However, we all know it has lacked functionality, and an ability to foster communication with our membership. This is something the NIPA Board has been keen to address, and we are now in a position to make the next step.

The new website does all that our previous website did, but has additional functionality specifically aimed at providing a more useful resource for our members. This includes:

  • An ability to pay for membership electronically through the website, and to keep your own details upto date;
  • An ability to book NIPA events, and other events we are associated with, through the website – or through the links it provides;
  • A place to find out about NIPA activities, engage in relevant consultations, and read relevant news about national infrastructure planning; and
  • A members forum to provide a place for discussion and debate about the planning and authorisation of national infrastructure projects;

Please have a look at the new website, and try it out. As with all new things, there may be a few teething problems, so please let us know how it goes (at All members should have been preloaded in the database, so if you are an existing member, you should have access to all aspects of the website. We would therefore be very grateful if you would log in, create a new password, and check out the website. It would also be very helpful if you would review your details, and amend as necessary. This will be very helpful in ensuring that we are communicating effectively with you.

The NIPA Board.