June 30, 2016

We would like to thank Clifford Chance LLP for their generous hospitality, and also our two sponsors GL Hearn – part of Capita Real Estate and CMS Cameron McKenna LLP for their support.

The NSIPs regime is now 6 years old and has successfully produced over 50 DCOs. It has continued to evolve, including with the assistance of this year’s Housing and Planning Act. We have certainly had an eventful year and so the conference programme has been put together to allow us to explore a wide variety of policy and practical issues. We are very grateful to all of our speakers for their time and effort.

‘Brexit’ is now an additional challenge that we have to deal with, as it will be in almost every other aspect of professional, and domestic, life in the UK. Calm reflection, certainty and stability is what the infrastructure sector will be needing in the months that lie ahead and we hope that the conference allows us to begin to reflect on what Brexit may mean for the NSIPs regime and for the individual projects that we are all working on in many different capacities.




Download the NIPA Conference Documentation On The Day (including) Post Event Documentation (password protected). The password have been emailed to you directly.