NIPA Matters

July 28, 2022

Please join us for our next NIPA Matters virtual event on 8 August 2022 16.30 – 18.00 to discuss DEFRA’s proposals for Marine Net Gain. If you are involved in development in the marine environment or have an interest in terrestrial biodiversity net gain we would welcome your views to help us shape the NIPA response to this consultation paper. During the session we will take you through the main elements of DEFRA’s proposals, our initial thoughts on how we propose to respond, and invite a discussion from members on their views, including any concerns or opportunities for delivering net gain in the marine environment. Some of the points we hope to discuss include:

  • The industries likely to be affected by marine net gain
  • The distinction between marine recovery and marine net gain
  • The importance of clarity to avoid delays during determination of applications or subsequent challenge
  • The interaction of marine net gain with mitigation and compensation
  • The importance of encouraging design led innovation to delivering marine net gain, notwithstanding potential uncertainty
  • How marine net gain should be calculated – whether as a financial contribution or otherwise
  • The importance of recognising wider biodiversity and environmental benefits in any calculation of marine net gain

DEFRA’s consultation paper on marine net gain can be found here: Consultation on the Principles of Marine Net Gain – Defra – Citizen Space and we look forward to seeing you on 8 August.

To sign up for this virtual event and contribute to the NIPA consultation response please sign up by responding