Suggestions for Further Improvements to NSIP Regime

July 18, 2019

Send Us Your Positive Suggestions for Further Improvements to the NSIP Regime

NIPA continues to have productive meetings with Government Departments involved in the Planning Act 2008 Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project regime, but, quite rightly, officials require evidence to back up any suggestions we make as to how to further improve the regime.

Therefore – as per our request in the NIPA May Newsletter, we remain keen to hear from you on practical issues within the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project process that you believe could be improved by further reform, so that we can feed them into policy-makers.

In particular, we would like both evidence / examples of issues that are impacting on the overall effectiveness of the regime, but also, ideas of possible solutions that could improve how the NSIP process works.

To submit information to NIPA, please complete this form, which NIPA’s Policy Adviser, Jane Smith will then collate for the NIPA Board to discuss at each Board Meeting, and for the regular discussions Government officials.

On behalf of the Board, many thanks for your contribution. If you have any queries regarding this communication or the Form, please contact NIPA’s Policy Adviser Jane Smith on