NIPA EYPS – Applications Are Now Open To Join The NIPA Council

October 23, 2023

Applications are now open to join the NIPA Council for the three new places created specifically for NIPA members in their first 10 years of qualification/practice, i.e. NIPA EYPs, and you are eligible to apply.

We are seeking applications to take up these three places on the Council until the overall refresh of the Council next year, when applications will open again for the whole of the Council including the three EYPs reserved places.

What does the NIPA Council do?

The Council plays a vital role in leading various pillars of NIPA’s work and debate, particularly through the three working groups: Policy and Practice; Learning and Research; and Growing and Engaging a diverse membership.

Why should I apply?

You’ll get the chance to be part of an enthusiastic group of diverse professionals and practitioners engaged in infrastructure who make a real difference to practice, discussion and understanding. You’ll be supported by existing Council members, and have an opportunity to widen your professional network.

Key benefits:
How to apply

  • Develop your existing skills and learn new ones.
  • Expand your Continuing Professional Development and build on your professional contacts.
  • Bring a different voice and perspective to NIPA Council and activity.
  • Help inform and shape the future development of NIPA for its members.

Please follow the details on this application information which you can download below and respond with the details requested in your personal written statement by 17 November 2023 to NIPA:

Thank you.

Jan Bessell, NIPA Board Chair