NIPA Matters: Neurodiversity in Infrastructure Planning

May 14, 2021

On 10 May 2021 NIPA held another virtual event in our NIPA Matters series. NIPA Matters has been our response to the restrictions on physical meetings since early 2020. This virtual event series has supported continued regular member engagement on a diverse range of topics. It has been equally accessible to members in all locations and provides an informal and welcoming environment for discussion.

This month’s session was titled ‘Neurodiversity in Infrastructure Planning and ensuring a flexible approach to communication’.

‘Neurodiversity’ is the diversity of all human brains. Awareness of neurodiversity recognises that there is no ‘normal’ or ‘right’ type of brain – we all think, learn and communicate in different ways. Planning for neurodivergent perspectives therefore is important to ensure we engage fairly and effectively with all the people we need to.

NIPA members were privileged to have an early opportunity to be introduced to the Neurodiversity in Planning Toolkit that has been developed by BECG and a working group of planning and communication professionals. The session raised awareness of a range of neurodivergent perspectives. Members had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments reflecting on their personal experiences.

The session was delivered by Sue Manns (Immediate Past President of the Royal Town Planning Institute and Planning Practitioner) and Jenny Offord (Homes England), and chaired by NIPA Board member Anna Pickering (Mace). The slides are accessible in the download below.


Thank you to contributors and attendees for their engagement with the event. Please look out for news on future events. We also encourage member suggestions for future topics – including those they would like to deliver or contribute to. You can get in touch with us at